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Traveling with your Dogs

helpful tips on traveling with pets

We've got some tips and tricks to reduce your pet's (& yours) stress level when traveling. We believe that traveling with your dog will make any trip 500% better. Think about this... taking your dog will avoid you glued to that pet camera all trip long or obsessively texting or calling your sitter. 

1. Make sure he is in good health
2. Update microchip information
3. Choose the right travel carrier and his favorite dog bed
4. Avoid sedatives - rather use calmatives like Ewegurt treats
5. Bring his favorite blanket or toys
6. Stay positive and assuring (they can sense your stress)
7. Good long walks before and after long distance journey.Create a mini routine    while on your journey like regular potty breaks and short walks.
8. Prepare a travel kit with water, bowls, poop bags, leashes and 1st aid kit- include our tootsie balm if you are heading to the beach. 
9. Find local dog parks or walking trails. 
10. Take lots of selfies with your dog


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