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AEA Certified Refined Emu Oil - 100% USA


AEA Certified Refined Emu Oil - 100% USA

$ 15.95

There are a myriad of benefits using pure AEA (American Emu Asoociation) certified refined emu oil for dogs and cats. It can be applied topically or ingested. Emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties help with many ailments. 

Topical Uses:

  • soothe irritation from flea bites
  • soothe and help heal hot spots
  • relieve skin problems - itchy and/or dry skin, dermatitis, for example

 Adding Emu Oil to his/her meal:

  • soothes symptoms of arthritis or joint pain


Net Weight: available in 2 fl oz. or 4 fl oz.


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