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Why Sheep Milk?


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MAGNESIUM : a sleep promoting, stress reducing, natural muscle relaxer, disease-protecting essential mineral!

Our old fashioned natural approach to your pet's anxiety can not only calm him down ( but you too !) and BEST OF ALL it avoids the nasty side effects of conventional medications or nasty tasting tinctures. 


  • Contains Nature's Sedative - Magnesium & Calcium.
  • Promotes a Healthy Gut - the cornerstone to feeling AWESOME
  • Never has Antibiotics or Growth Hormones - love that  
  • Perfect for a Sensitive Tummy - awesome
  • A must for Lactose Intolerant Pets

Here's what people are saying about Ewegurt.

Hi,I am King, a rather mellow guy. Nothing much rattles me, after all, I am The King! However, when it comes to Thunder and Lightning, I get very upset. I shake and coward and try to get myself into the smallest safest place possible, between the toilet and the wall is a favorite... but even that doesn't make me feel better... However, when Mom found Ewegurt, I am now able to relax and sleep through them. - Michelle, Mundelein, IL   


 My name is Linda, and I have 2 greyhounds,  Dolf and Lola. My big guy, Dolf has never liked fireworks and recently started reacting badly to thunderstorms. Tonight we got both.  When the thunder started, he started pacing. Gave him the Ewegurt and he settled down right away. Then my idiot neighbor started setting off firecrackers IN THE MIDDLE OF A THUNDERSTORM !  He got up for a minute, looked around,and laid back down. Hasn't moved since, and it is still thundering.- Linda, Huntley, IL

My Dad tells me that I have a sensitive tummy and since I am a still a "baby"  Dad wanted to give me something natural,  AND now I have perfect poop - Bob, Chicago, IL

I tried everything to calm my eleven-year-old Shea before and during storms: the Thundershirt, Rescue Remedy, music, prescription medications, etc. The first time I gave him Ewegurt, I could not believe the change in his behavior. Instead of panting, pacing and pawing at me incessantly, he just laid quietly at my feet. I thought it was a fluke, until the next storm, when I gave him Ewegurt and he did exactly the same thing.  Ewegurt has really helped manage his anxiety without medication, and given me peace of mind knowing that I can give him something natural that really works. - Colleen, Naperville, IL


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