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About Us & Our Pets

Our Mission:  

Ewegurt is part of the clean label movement that continues to gain traction for hte pet-obsessed who look for natural solutions first and foremost. Pet moms and dads look for superfoods and functional treats/foods that are unique and non GMO. We embrace total transparency when we create new products. We strive to solve problems: anxiety in pets, tummy and immune imbalances with products that can be easily added to their daily diet to enhance overall health.  

EWEGURT is a family-run business. It was founded because of Dino, now a 12 year old redheaded Golden Retriever, who had seizures when stressed. Dino is a very soft spoken and shy guy, who is a scared of loud noises and especially thunder storms when he hid in the shower for hours, even after a storm passed.

 It broke my heart to see Dino suffer, which led me on my journey to produce a natural remedy. After months of research, I found that sheep milk’s unique chemical balance supported relaxation. So, I decided to create a treat/food topper to help him remain calm during storms and other stressful situations. I also added organic ingredients as a healthy addition to his diet.

And so….Ewegurt was born. Now, Dino can ride out the storms, not shaking, but rather taking a nap besides his family on the couch.

We LOVE rescues and are advocates for ADOPT, DON"T SHOP. We can make a difference! 

And his three Golden Retriever siblings --Jordan, Skylar and Angel Sabby -- love Ewegurt as a daily healthy treat supplement.