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About Us & Our Pets

Our Mission:  

We take the clean old fashioned approach - no need to add extra vitamins and minerals, let the organic ingredients speak for themselves and help your beloved pets live longer and healthy lives. We LOVE rescues and are advocates for ADOPT, DON"T SHOP. We can make a difference!     

EWEGURT is a family-run business.

It was founded because of Dino, a 10 year old redheaded Golden Retriever, who had seizures when stressed. Dino is a very soft spoken and shy guy, who is a scared of loud noises and especially thunder storms when he hid in the shower for hours, even after a storm passed.

 It broke my heart to see Dino suffer, which led me on my journey to produce a natural remedy. After months of research, I found that sheep milk’s unique chemical balance supported relaxation. So, I decided to create a treat/food topper to help him remain calm during storms and other stressful situations. I also added organic ingredients as a healthy addition to his diet.

And so….Ewegurt was born. Now, Dino can ride out the storms, not shaking, but rather taking a nap besides his family on the couch.

And his three Golden Retriever siblings --Jordan, Skylar and Angel Sabby -- love Ewegurt as a daily healthy treat.




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