My name is Jennifer, I love dogs and cats and am the creator of Ewegurt Pet Products. I love all animals, and am vigilant about holistic limited-ingredient pet nutrition. 

When my muse, Dino, a Golden Retriever, had seizures when stressed and I couldn’t find any calming dog treats on the market that were truly sustainable, all-natural and easy to digestSo, I decided to create my own calming treats (free of grain, corn, soy and wheat) to help with his anxiety issues 

So, Ewegurt was born! We use locally sourced Wisconsin fresh Sheep Milk, create small batch fresh yogurt that is used as our main ingredient in our wholesome calming pet treats. Then came the handmade shampoo bars infused with therapeutic grade oils. Lately, we are back in the kitchen creating unique bone broths like Venison, Emu and Duck, Pheasant and Elk for the pups.  

When I’m not busy working on Ewegurt you can catch me hiking or doing agility with our Golden Retrievers.   Our “hot dog runs” are a blast. I stand at one end of the yard and Gary on the other with treats. Our fur kids run at full blast to get treats from each of us.  It teaches the pups to come with distractions (Squirrel!!!). Lately, I’ve been having fun teaching them silly new words and tricks. My latest trick is “kissy, kissy” and they kiss my ear. LOL.  

Not only am I a creative in the kitchen, but I’m also a creative on paper (or canvas). You can catch me creating charcoal or oil canvas paintings, but, I only paint animals 

Lastly, NO products are launched unless we receive aofficial ‘High-Paw-Five’ from our employees above: Skylar, Angel Jordan, Angel Dino and Angel Sabby. 


Our "Farm to Treat" concept embraces locally sourced natural ingredients. We start with sheep milk yogurt and add a protein, fruits and veggies. Boost immune health with bone marrow broths. Dogs with skin sensitivities and allergies benefit from natural shampoo bars infused with therapeutic grade essential oilsWe embrace total transparency. We strive to solve problems: anxiety in pets, tummy and immune imbalances with supplements that can be easily added to their daily diet to enhance overall health.Good health and disease resistance come from within. Were dedicated to helping your pet live a calm, long and healthy life!