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About Us

 Here is a bit more insight as to why I created Ewegurt for our fur babies. My Golden Retriever, Dino, suffers from seizures and is generally an anxious dog. Ewegurt has helped him relax and conquer his fears. Since his seizures can be triggered by stress, or elevated cortisol levels in his body, Dino receives a daily dose of  Ewegurt, which contains a natural relaxant, and has made a positive change in Dino's quality of life and he has been seizure free for over a year !! 

Our ingredients are locally sourced in Wisconsin. Ewegurt is all natural and contains:

  • NO artificial flavors or colors

  • NO artificial preservatives

  • NO hidden ingredients

  • FREE of chemicals and everything artificial

  • FREE of any fillers

Our Mission is to provide an all natural freeze dried dog and cat treats and food toppers, with "those extra benefits", that you can feel good about giving your pets. Ewegurt has awesome dog and cat treats and food toppers that support stress reduction and promote a positive mood in our pet companions.  We know that a long and happy life goes paw-in-paw with good nutrition.