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Ewegurt - a Natural Approach to Canine/ Feline Wellness

We love wellness, so your pet may thrive with mind, body and spirit in balance. We use human grade ingredients and take a holistic approach to health and well being.

We help anxious pets naturally

How? Sheep milk, a super-food, has lots of magnesium and calcium that promotes relaxation naturally. Try the  Emu, Sardine or beef heart treats. 

A healthy immune system is key

 Probiotics in yogurt treats help to restore and maintain that healthy intestinal flora. It's a superfood

 Are you a foster mom or have recently adopted a dog or cat?

Check out our success stories.

Does your pet have joint pain or arthritis?

Check out our gelatin rich bone broths

Does your pet get hot spots, have joint pain or tick/flea bite sores?

Try our Emu oil  to naturally help these issues

To keep them looking and feeling terrific, try our all natural shampoo soap bars made with therapeutic grade essential oils that will leave their coats glossy, fluffy and oh so shiny ! 

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