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A Clean Approach to your Pet's Vivacity

We take the clean old fashioned approach - no need to add extra vitamins and minerals, let the organic ingredients speak for themselves. 

Does he get anxious? let's help him NOW...

with sheep milk based treats that have lots of magnesium "natures proven sedative"..Check out Emu, Sardine or Beef Heart Treat Supplements 

Tummy upsets or imbalances are never fun !

 Our treats help restore and maintain that healthy intestinal flora. It's a superfood

 Are you a foster mom or have recently adopted a dog or cat?

Check out our success stories.

Does your senior have joint pain or arthritis?

Check out our gelatin rich bone broths

Hot spots...,  oh no !  Achy Joints?  Tick/Flea Bite Sores?

Emu oil , the omega rich oil,  is a clean answer and it works !

To keep them looking and feeling terrific, try our all natural shampoo soap bars made with therapeutic grade essential oils will leave their coats glossy, fluffy and oh so shiny !

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