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Calming EMU Treats & Topper Promote Relaxation in Anxious Pets

$ 18.95


  • BYE BYE STRESS – Ewegurt freeze dried  calming treats are made with natural and organic ingredients that help dogs who are nervous, anxious feel calm and comfortable. Give your dog the calm and tranquility he needs to lead a happy and healthy life with our Ewegurt treats.
  • SOOTHES ANXIETIES – Ewegurt calming treats may encourage natural-anxiety relief for a thunderstorm, fireworks, car rides, or separation anxiety.
  • FEATURES Sheep milk yogurt that contains large amounts of magnesium, mother nature’s mineral  that promotes calmness and sleep naturally. 
  • PREMIUM  DIGESTIVE HEALTH- the probiotics in the sheep milk yogurt based treats help your pup support regularity, anal gland health, and overall gut health, the corner stone of wellness.
  • NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS- locally sourced  ingredients that benefit your pup’s overall wellbeing. We use ingredients that you may enjoy yourself.

    Ingredient list: Sheep’s Milk Yogurt ( Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Emu, Chia Seeds,Beets, Kale,Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato

    For calming: Please give 1 Tbs  per 10 #'s of your pup's  weight. 

    Net Weight: 3 oz. 

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    Ewegurt makes my life!!

    Both my dogs have anxiety from time to time and a daily dose of Ewegurt with their morning meal makes them calm and less stressed- literally makes my life so much happy because I'm not having to deal with panic attacks while i am trying to leave for work. Thanks Ewegurt!! ✨

    A Ewegurt Customer
    Angela F.
    United States United States

    Jake loves it

    First I want to say thank you to Jennifer for her commitment to customer service. I bought this product along with the sardine food topper after reading many great reviews from others as to the improvements they’ve seen while using this product for their babies. Although it doesn’t seem to work for my lil guy I’m still giving 5 stars. I understand that all dogs are not created equally. My dog’s separation anxiety may just be far worse than others and he may just need something more. He does love both the treats and the sardine topper and I love that they are all natural.


    Great Products and Customer Service

    From my very first order with you, I have been extremely impressed not only with your products but your commitment to customer service. My two dogs benefit tremendously and I have renewed faith in humanity!! Service like yours is getting harder and harder to find. Thanks, RoAnne

    RoAnne Simmons

    Stella is now calm during thunder storms !

    I have a 5 year old German shepherd Stella who is on the anxious side. I’ve tried essential oils and drops to try to help her. She’s had a heart murmur since birth so I’m always afraid the stress will negatively impact her. I read Kimberly’s Keep The Tail Wagging post and when she posted how your Ewegurt calming treats helped her dog, I ordered them immediately. I love that they are natural and healthy! A few days ago, I could tell a thunderstorm was approaching and that sends Stella into high anxiety. I gave her the recommended dose of the Sheep Milk with Beef Heart and set the timer for 45 minutes as a reminder to myself to check on her. 50 minutes later, there was thunder and lightning, and Stella showed no signs of anxiety. In fact, instead of her hiding, she was actually looking out the window! I’m so glad that Kimberly recommended your product. Thank you!

    Cathi Osipov

    Helps with Barking and Walks !!

    I must say both Cooper and I love the EMU treats! The bag is gone and I truly think they help. I give them to him on the way to get his nails trimmed as well as when I am leaving the house. He goes directly in his kennel/crate and waits for a treat. We no longer lock him in, but it is his smart way of getting a treat by saying “hey I am in my kennel, where is my treat!?!” He has been a lot mellower lately and I think the Sardine topper has also helped. I am not always running to see why he is barking and he is more tolerable while we are walking in the neighborhood. There were certain dogs/people he would always bark at and he now no longer barks. One was a sweet chocolate labadoodle, also a pair of little dogs he used to really go wild when he saw (buy now does not), and also he no longer barks at the “man that runs” as I call him when we walk. So in those three instances he isn’t as anxious and protective as he once was. He always was a great family pet, it is just that he seems to feel that his job is to patrol our neighborhood. He still patrols, but he is a lot quieter!! I will definitely reorder as I am still pinching myself thinking really it was this easy? Crazy but true!

    Kelly Sedivy

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