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Training treat, calming treat with Yogurt,boost immune system, promotes gut health


Calming Treats/Topper with Beef Heart

$ 18.95

 Active ingredients for calming:
Sheep Milk( High in B12, Folate + CLA)
 Beef Heart( rich in B complex: B6 +B12)

 For Calming: Please give 1 Tbs. per 10 Lbs.  Allow up to 20 minutes for the full calming .

Harmonize the Yin and Yang:  For anxious pets, foods and treats should have a cooling energetic properties to quell excess yang. For example, Ewegurt uses a number of these cooling foods in their treats:

Cooling or Neutral Foods: Yogurt, Sardines, Beef, beets, blueberries, apple can help calm anxiety. 

Ingredient list: Sheep’s Milk Yogurt ( Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Beef Heart, Chia Seeds, Apples, Blueberries, Beets.

Net Weight:  2.75 oz. (approx. 20 tablespoons) 




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