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Yummy treats for cats ! Sheep Milk Yogurt, Emu Liver, Heart and Whole duck.

Calming Kitty Treats

$ 10.99


  • Contains Nature's Sedative - Magnesium & Calcium.
  • Promotes a Healthy Gut - the cornerstone to feeling AWESOME
  • Never has Antibiotics or Growth Hormones - love that  
  • Perfect for a Sensitive Tummy - awesome
  • A must for Lactose Intolerant Pets

Does your kitty hide under the bed when she gets nervous or anxious?  Let your kitty chill out with Ewegurt naturally!  Hydrate with water for best results. 

Ingredient list: Sheep’s Milk Yogurt ( Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Emu heart, Emu liver, Whole duck 

Net Weight:  1.75 oz. 



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