Music Therapy for Pets has Calming Benefits

Music Therapy for Pets has Calming Benefits

We have some calming suggestions for your anxious pet:

A soothing sound machine and an essential oil diffuser can help. It's a wonderful way to mask night time noises like  during a thunderstorm or soon fire works and fire crackers. 

During summer, the thunderstorms, outdoor festivities, and Fourth of July makes those seasons a minefield for noise phobic pets and their families. Anxiety can negatively impact your pet's health, safety and quality of life.  Dr. DePorter, a board certified behaviorist, uses sound therapy as one way of helping anxious pets.

Lisa Specter and Joshua Leeds collaborated on a series called "Through a Dog's Ear" that plays classical music in shelters as well as in homes with anxious dogs with much success.

David Tele, a composer, has a true following for his compositions to calm anxious felines.