Do you Foster or better yet  are a Foster Failure ?

Do you Foster or better yet are a Foster Failure ?

We are a proud foster failure! We fostered and then adopted Sable at 8 years old. (I called her Sabby) Our new family member was very special, but we realized that it may be stressful for her to adjust to a new family including her fur siblings, so we took advice from other foster families very serious. I would like to share some tips that made Sabby's adjustment less stressful. 

1.Give her time to decompress: Sabby took her time exploring her new yard and house.
2. Give her own space: I bought Sabby her very own super comfy bed (image of Sabby). It was HER bed, her fur sibblings would not sleep in it. 
3. Play classical music - Sabby loved music therapy to keep her happy and calm
4.Be prepared for stomach issues: Sabby had diarrhea and I gave her Ewegurt treats to soothe and heal her tummy. It worked !
5.Keep a routine: I feed the furry family at the same time every day. They like to remind me about 15 minutes before breakfast or supper. (LOL)
6. Supervise your new pup. Sabby was easy because she just loved hanging out with her brothers.
7. Beware of accidents in the house. Luckily Sabby had no accidents and even let us know with a small bark that she had to go. (lucky us)
8. Don't overwhelm and take them everywhere in the first month. Take time to introduce her to new family members or new dogs. Sabby liked meeting new people but was shy at first. 
9. Beware that you may have an escape artist. Luckily,again, Sabby was a lady and came when called and never attempted to bust out of the house. 
10. Enjoy every day with your new family member and remember to take lots of pictures. 

Sabby earned her wings last year at 13 years old. Love you baby girl!