Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project

Casper came from a pharmaceutical company in the area and that he was used in medical testing. When we picked him up, the other beagles were so skittish and frightened, but his tail was wagging and he was ready for a new life with loving dog parents.

Still, a lifetime spent in a testing lab had left its mark. Casper's teeth were in bad shape, and TV, music and loud noises "really freaked him out". He still has nightmares, and you can only imagine what's going through his little head. Ewegurt calming treats help Casper with his nightmares.

 Animal testing is still as big as it ever was,there are hundreds of thousands of animals in the U.S. being tested. Beagles are the most common dog breed used for animal testing because they're "docile", friendly and forgiving. They will not bite a researcher when they’re being injected or having a tube being put down their throat. They're also the perfect size -- not too big and not too small. Please support the Beagle Freedom Project.


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