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Terrific Training Treat, Sheep Milk Yogurt, Emu, Chia Seeds, Beets, Kale, Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato Flour


Natural Calming Treats with Emu

$ 18.95

Vitamin and mineral rich powerhouse that includes magnesium, natures relaxant, which help reduce stress and anxiety
A natural for lactose intolerant dogs

Free of growth Hormones
  Rich in iron, magnesium, and protein
  A good source of phosphorus (usually only found in seafood)
  Vitamin and mineral rich nutrient powerhouse

  Packed with antioxidants that help fight
  inflammation and boost the immune system
  Protein and calcium rich
  Loaded with omega 3 fatty acids

  Body cleansing and blood purifying super food
  Rich in vitamin C , potassium and manganese

 Rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A,K, and B-complex

 Loaded with antioxidants that help fight cancer and inflammation. 

  Helps support a healthy metabolism and digestive health
  High in fiber

  Rich in antioxidant called beta-carotene
  Good source of vitamin A,C, and manganese
  High in fiber

Net Weight: Each package contains 3 oz. of Freeze Dried Ewegurt treats. 

Ingredient list: Sheep’s Milk Yogurt ( Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Emu, Chia Seeds,Beets, Kale,Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato

Feeding Directions/Suggestion: Feed as a healthy treats,a food topper or while teaching a new trick. Remember to hug your dog today and every day.

For relaxation: Give 1 Tbs per 10 pounds.  1 Tbs equals approximately  1 medallions -

Why freeze dried?: We avoid nutrient loss by freeze drying which allows Ewegurt to maintain its full nutritional value. 

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