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Rescues & Shelters We Love & Support

Dino was surrendered to the German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center at three years old.  He had been abused his whole life.  When he arrived at the rescue he just sat in a corner and shook.  Kathy, was just going to foster Dino, but  the board of the directors of the rescue had secretly voted to have Kathy adopt Dino. She  is a veteran of the US Navy and Dino has changed her life for good. This organization is so important in many different ways because it is saving a breed of dogs that is so important in her life and the lives of other veterans who suffer from PTSD. Without a dog by their side it would be very easy to slip back into reliving their trauma over and over again. GSRR is located in Nahant, MA, On October 27, 2018 they have their annual Howl-o-ween fundraiser to save these often abused and forgotten dogs. Please support and donate. 
Training Bud to be a service dog!Bud the rescue puppy being trained to become a service dog!
Operation Paws for Homes rescues dogs of all breeds and ages from over-crowded rural shelters, and provides foster homes until these dogs are adopted into permanent homes in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and southern Pennsylvania.   OPH believes in responsible adoptions and strives to work with each adopter to find a good match for their home and lifestyle  and in nine years has saved the lives of over 7,300 dogs. 
OPH not only saves hundreds of dogs' lives every year but also serves our US Veterans community. OPH donates rescue dogs to SemperK9 who then trains these pups to be service dogs for deserving veterans. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. 
On May 21st, Christopher Baity, Semper K9’s executive Director, (an OEF/OIF combat veteran Marine Corps dog trainer and kennel master with 15 years of experience) accepted OPH rescue pup, Bud, into their training program who will work with Bud to be a service dog at no cost for disabled service members and help them to overcome their difficulties. This is one pup in an increasing long line of rescues that SemperK9 has trained, and homes with a veteran - forever changing the life of the dog and the veteran for good.
Lazy Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill dog rescue organization specializing in the Low Rider Breeds: Bassets, Corgis, and Dachshunds. We rescue dogs from shelters at risk of being euthanized as well as abandoned, abused, and stray dogs. We also rescue many dogs from owners who are forced to surrender their dogs due to financial or personal issues.  Our primary goal is to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their permanent homes.
We are a professional volunteer group that specializes is canine wilderness and water searches. Our canines are trained to search for human scent in the wilderness and are also trained in cadaver scenting on both land and in the water.   Find out more...