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Benefits for Dogs

Ewegurt is good for these stressful events:

  • During Thunderstorms or Fireworks
  • Boarding, Traveling or Hosting Guests
  • Trips to the Vet. or Groomer
  • Anticipated Changes in their Daily Routine
  • Times of Occasional Nervousness

My name is Linda, and I have 2 greyhounds,  Dolf and Lola. My big guy, Dolf has never liked fireworks and recently started reacting badly to thunderstorms. Tonight we got both.  When the thunder started, he started pacing. Gave him the Ewegurt and he settled down right away. Then my idiot neighbor started setting off firecrackers IN THE MIDDLE OF A THUNDERSTORM !  He got up for a minute, looked around,and laid back down. Hasn't moved since, and it is still thundering.- Linda, Huntley, IL