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Lucky Zeus

Dogtor Zeus, a beautiful brindle Boxer-Pitty mix was found wandering the streets in the Bronx. Hilary, who was at a work project in New York City, found him in the pound. She fell in LOVE and decided to foster this very abused fur-kid.Not only were his ears cut, the shelter thinks his legs may have been broken. Hilary soon realized that Zeus would fit in her family perfectly, so she adopted him! 

Zeus, a love bug, also has PTSD. Can you blame him? All that extreme trauma in his young life. He needs long walks and lots of cuddles and he comforts himself with healthy chew toys and lots of stuffed toys. 

Since he finally eats super healthy food and Ewegurt treats, he is starting to be slight husky hound. I would be guilty of giving him extra treats too! Lucky for Zeus, his mom is the founder of Obe ProBowl, that tracks eating and drinking habits with an app. Finally there is a system that let's you gain real-time insights into your dog's health and wellbeing.

Obe ProBowl

Hilary created precise portions based on Zeus's profile, and never has to worry about duplicate feeding (bowl is green when you need to add food, red when food is eaten- that's totally awesome). It even reminds her when it's time to replenish food (automatically replenish with Amazon).

Let Hilary know what a awesome dog mom she is and how powerful her new Obe ProBowl is for so many pets! 





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