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Stella, the German Sheperd, can now cope with storms

I have a 5 year old German shepherd Stella who is on the anxious side.  I’ve tried essential oils and drops to try to help her.  She’s had a heart murmur since birth so I’m always afraid the stress will negatively impact her.  
I read Kimberly’s Keep The Tail Wagging post and when she posted how your Ewegurt calming treats helped her dog, I ordered them immediately.   I love that they are natural and healthy!

A few days ago, I could tell a thunderstorm was approaching and that sends Stella into high anxiety.  I gave her the recommended dose of the Sheeps Milk with Beef Heart and set the timer for 45 minutes as a reminder to myself to check on her.  50 minutes later, there was thunder and lightning, and Stella showed no signs of anxiety.  In fact, instead of her hiding, she was actually looking out the window!   I’m so glad that Kimberly recommended your product.


Thank you!  Cathi O.

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