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Helps with Barking and Walks

I must say both Cooper and I love the EMU treats!  The bag is gone and I truly think they help. I give them to him on the way to get his nails trimmed as well as when I am leaving the house. He goes directly in his kennel/crate and waits for a treat. We no longer lock him in, but it is his smart way of getting a treat by saying “hey I am in my kennel, where is my treat!?!”  He has been a lot mellower lately and I think the Sardine topper has also helped. I am not always running to see why he is barking and he is more tolerable while we are walking in the neighborhood. There were certain dogs/people he would always bark at and he now no longer barks. One was a sweet chocolate labadoodle, also a pair of little dogs he used to really go wild when he saw (buy now does not), and also he no longer barks at the “man that runs” as I call him when we walk. So in those three instances he isn’t as anxious and protective as he once was.  He always was a great family pet, it is just that he seems to feel that his job is to patrol our neighborhood. He still patrols, but he is a lot quieter!! I will definitely reorder as I am still pinching myself thinking really it was this easy? Crazy but true!

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