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Callie and Beau - happy potty breaks


I've been waiting a bit to write a review, as I wanted to be confident that what I was seeing in Callie and Beau was product related and not me projecting onto them. Here's what I've observed so far, with some back story.
I adopted Callie and Beau 13 months ago. Their previous owner had developed Alzheimer's, and they were surrendered to a shelter in Mississippi. A local rescue group transported them to the Chicago area. Despite their obvious cuteness, they stayed in a shelter environment for about 6 months due to their ages and the desire to keep them together.
Upon adoption, we had to work on confidence issues as well as many basic doggy skills. Their first winter was tough, as they were unaccustomed to being asked to potty outside, let alone in the cold!
We started Ewegurt about a month ago. I've noticed a definite relaxation in both dogs, to the point of 'moseying' on the walk. I've also noticed they are less stressed about pottying in bad weather. Finally, I think Callie is experiencing fewer anal gland issues, but we need more time to be sure.
All in all, this is a great product, which the weens (did I mention they are dachshunds), love gobbling down.
Karen A., St. Charles, IL

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