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The Story of Ellie: how Ewegurt helped her become a loving family member!


Rescued from a cruel situation, a small Puppy Mill, Ellie is now safe in a loving home. Ellie, a 2 year old Miniature Pinscher, was rescued with 5 other dogs. They were living in deplorable conditions, in a barn in mud with no human contact or affection, and were used just for breeding. Ellie came to her present home after being fostered by another family. She was feral, having lived with no human interaction, therefore touching her was almost impossible. She was also pregnant. After she had her puppies, she fractured her back leg. The operation to mend her leg would be thousands. The money was not available. Linda decided to adopt her in January 2015 and gave her supplements to help heal her leg. It healed nicely. Linda tried various calming supplements and nothing appeared to help her adjust to human touch. Ellie continued to be extremely skittish, and fearful of human contact. For example, when one reached out to touch her, she would run away. She would not accept treats and hid when one put food in her dish. Since Linda uses Ewegurt daily, she has noticed some really positive changes - Ellie lets Linda pet her freely with no snapping or running away, she has jumped on her lap while watching TV, and licks her hand when she holds a treat out to her. She even allows Linda to pick her up and does not try to bite. When she gets her food ready Ellie puts her paws on Linda’s leg. Since Linda started using Ewegurt, she sees really positive things with Ellie. She has become a loving family member! They can even put on sweaters and tees. Not everyone understands what a puppy mill dog is, please visit Linda Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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  • Carol Hestvik on

    My dog, Daisy, has been limping on back leg…I would really like to know what supplements were given to Ellie to help heal her leg…..Thank you….

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